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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If we hire B2B Consulting to be in charge of strategic planning for our organization, what changes would you make?"
    By asking your employees for their own ideas can not only provide interesting suggestions for future initiatives, but also can reveal any discontent with current strategy. With the high importance of strategic planning, it is crucial to ensure your company is creating analytical, actionable plans.
  • Please give an example?
    B2B Consulting will outline the important of demonstrating a strategy and process for achieving the results that the business wants. For example, for SEO you might ask, "what is your process for improving traffic and conversions from search engines?" Our strategic planning consultant should give evidence of a path to achieve this, but with the understanding that this might need to be tweaked along the way.
  • How efficient will B2B Consulting be in helping my company from an operational standpoint?
    Determining operational efficiency can assist in revealing the reasons behind the success (or lack thereof) of your current strategy. By discovering the operational inefficiencies inhibiting success, your company can identify key process improvements.
  • Does B2B Consulting help companies after they are certified?
    Yes, we work with our clients to complete bidding opportunities as well as train our client staff to go after opportunities.
  • What is a GSA 5 Year Contract?
    A GSA Schedule is an award presented to qualifying companies through the GSA. Companies with a GSA 5 Year Schedule Contract are favored, because it dramatically reduces acquisition lead time and creates increased efficiency for federal agencies. The GSA Contract has pre-negotiated rates and prices, so proposals are viewed as fair and reasonable. Additionally, having a GSA 5 Year Contract helps eliminate bidding and allows multiple federal agencies the ability to work directly.
  • How will B2B Consulting help our company utilize its people?
    A major problem in many companies is a lack of utilization of existing resources, including the use of people and their particular strengths. Employing an effective strategy can better reveal the particular assets of your employees that can then be engaged to better the company overall.
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